Hello world 🙂

Thought I’d better put something in here in case anyone stops by and clicks on ‘blog’!

We are currently working on the website for this project.  We are wanting it to contain a fair bit of information about what we intend to achieve so that anyone interested can see if they would like to make a donation (however small) towards it.  We truly believe this will be worthwhile and will help many people.  Our own healing journeys so far have shown us that a peaceful place in nature is invaluable when trying to heal and attempting to calm a frazzled nervous system!

Not many in our ‘modern world’ are untouched by either trauma or stress.  Everything is moving faster and faster, giving us less and less time to look within and balance ourselves.  Many people stay in a spin until some kind of health condition stops them in their tracks.  Sadly it only tends to be when this happens that we take some time to try and understand what is going on for us!  How much more pleasant and balanced the world would be if we had all been encouraged as young children to ask ourselves, at least daily, simple questions such as  ‘How am I doing at the moment?’,  ‘How do I feel?’ and ‘Do I need to change anything?’  Life can move so fast and with so much pressure and expectation that we can go a very long time before asking ourselves such things.

I will leave it there for now…my own inner questioning has told me that I’ve been on the computer too long and it’s driving me nuts so I should get off and rebalance! 😉

Blessings – Katy 🙂


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