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Ways of generating start-up revenue:

We have been looking at a few avenues for generating the income to buy land and setting the community up.  I will outline a few below.  We are still researching into these areas so do not as yet have a firm course of action to follow:


This would involve putting together a ‘case’ for our project and launching it online, asking people to donate towards the project.  We could do this for the overall project but also for elements of the project, for example asking for funding to help with the cost of the recording studio equipment etc.

Charity funding bodies

Further research needed in this area.  I can talk to a few people I know in the not-for-profit sector to ask for advice.  Some funding bodies will provide specific funding for areas of a project.  This might be, for example, foundations who work with PTSD sufferers etc.  We may be able to secure some funding if we agree to certain criteria for the spending of the money and if we are able to prove where and how the money is spent.

Government funding

We need to do further research into what help is available from the UK government for this project.  There might be start-up help available with us being on benefits at present.

Asking for sponsorship

We could approach ethical businesses that are related to areas that are of interest in the community to ask for help, sponsorship or materials for the project.  They could have their company logo on our paperwork to show their help.  This would have to be companies whose ethics we are in alignment with and would be happy to endorse.  Authenticity is vital throughout the project.

Donations from celebrities

We are considering approaching celebrities who might have an interest in the project to see if they would like to endorse or offer a donation towards the project.  Celebrities who have experience of PTSD or trauma for example.

Fundraising events

We are looking into possible events we could run that might generate some money towards the project, such as music events or a sponsored activity.  We could ask others to participate too.  If we can put together a good plan that ignites people’s interest, it will help a lot to secure the funding to get the project off the ground.

Personal finances

At present, we have no personal money to put into the project as we are claiming Universal Credit.  I have a compensation claim in with the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority; if this goes through successfully, there will be a bit of money I can personally put towards the project, possibly £10,000 or up to £20,000.


Again, this is very much a work-in-progress, if you have any ideas or are interested in the project itself we would very much welcome your input


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