We wish art in whatever form to be one of the cornerstones of the Community.  Creativity is like life force and movement which stops energy becoming stagnant.  We intend all buildings to be works of art in themselves whether beautifully simple or intricately created for a particular purpose or effect.  The power of beauty has often been lost in normal life.  Resting our eyes upon something of beauty (and it doesn’t have to be of ‘obvious’ or ‘classical’ beauty!) is very uplifting and raises our Spirit and our energy levels/vibration.  Modern life puts money before ascetics in so many cases…and the TIME to create something of beauty is often the thing that stops it happening.  In the Community time will not be the issue.  Money of course is likely to always be an issue to some degree (until we manage to change the whole monetary system!), but if the intention, energy and time is available we still believe that beauty can be created even if finances are short.  Small touches and care can make a very big difference to the look and the energy of a place/space.

It is important to us that the energy we (and others) put into the creation of this Community,  is coming from a place of good, heart-centred, intention.  If people are given the time to create when the flow is there, the results will be beautiful…whether that will be the planting of a veg patch, the inner or outer wall of a cob building or the creation of a mosaic path or welcome sign.

Art will also be a big asset within the healing work in the Community.  Many people who have been hurt stop ‘creating’ all together.  They pull in and are often too afraid to express themselves or to let their energy flow again.  Being gently encouraged to do some form of art can be very healing, even if only throwing a bucket of black paint at a large wall to show the pain etc.  Our artistic creations often show us what we have going on inside us, like a window to the Soul, or to the wounded aspects of the psyche.  Changing a picture (if we wish) to something we’d prefer is also quite empowering.  Creating art can also be a lesson in not trying to force things, or in allowing things to unfold rather than sticking to fixed ideas.  An exercise in trust and acceptance.  Or….it can just be fun!  Which is extremely healing in itself! 🙂

We wish to have a room/area designed as an art studio to do all kinds of art.  We also wish to have a Pottery Studio if money allows.  We hope that we will also be able to sell some of the creations in the art/pottery studio to help with the Communities costs, and perhaps offer workshops etc.


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