Healing is a very important aspect in our vision for Harmoni Community.  We strongly feel that most people are in need of some kind of healing, whether that be for physical, emotional, mental or Spiritual imbalance or illness.  The modern world is not an easy place to live in, most of us struggle with stress to some degree along with the physical/mental/emotional/Spiritual repercussions of that stress.  Not being able to live our truth, due to the pressures and restrictions that have been placed upon us, will always eventually take its toll on our well-being.

At Harmoni we intend the whole place to be healing!  The nature around us will be very healing.  Buildings will be designed to be in tune with nature and in tune with those of us living/working/playing within them.  Members and visitors will be encourage to ‘be’ at a pace that is right for them rather than be expected to rush about.  It is very difficult for anyone to retain a centred and balanced mode of being if they are rushing around.

We will encourage members and visitors to get involved in healing circles and in the giving and receiving of therapies, or even just a compassionate/non-judgemental ear.  We truly believe that we are all in this life experience together (see ‘Oneness’ post) and that healing often tends to be more powerful when others are involved, either to support or just as a compassionate witness if needed.  That being said we also respect everyone’s need to walk their own path in their own way.  It is important to us that no one feel pressurised to go against their own needs and well-being.  We also believe everyone is equal and has something to offer whether trained in some kind of therapy or not.  All will be respected and their contribution appreciated.  Even just being there and sharing energy in a space is healing if the intention is a positive one.

Our belief that healing should be available for all who truly seek it, is what has driven us to want to create other forms of income for the community.  Those who are in need of (and truly want) a time of healing/rest should not be turned away due to financial restrictions.  If anyone is unable to help financially towards the cost of their stay, we will encourage them to help out within the Community where they can, without pressure or obligation. We would also ask them to remember us when they are in a better financial position and donate then.  We have faith that if people have received life-changing experiences and healing they will wish to help support the Community to offer that help to others when they are in the position to do so.  It is trusting the truth within each person.  We appreciate that that may sound strange, but if people are coming from a true place in their wish to heal it should not really be a problem.  It is very easy to feel it when people are not being genuine.  Many communities have had issues with people just wanting to come and take.  We believe that our ‘no drugs’ policy will help alleviate a lot of this.  We only wish to attract people who are truly wanting to heal and who wish to do something to help the situation on the planet at this time.  Riki and I are both very ‘sensitive’ and tend to be aware of undercurrents and ‘unhelpful’ agendas.  It is very important to us that the Community is as transparent and honest as possible in all areas.  It will not be able to be sustained otherwise.  It is often the lack of integrity (and lack of true communication) that causes so many problems in our current time.  This is still a work in progress within ourselves as well…it is a learning curve on this planet!

We will be writing further posts about the Healing aspects to the community in the next few weeks. 🙂



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