I guess integration is about bringing it all together.  At Harmoni Community Integration will again be multi-faceted.  At a personal, level healing is about the integration of our Soul parts and the experiences they hold.  Accepting, healing, integrating is a wave that will probably carry on all the way through our Earth lives…and probably beyond!  We will be writing more posts about the healing aspects to our Harmoni vision, and healing in general no doubt in the near future.  In a healing sense the Integration is also our commitment to healing holistically…not missing any aspects of ourselves out.  It is easy for people to, for example, only focus on their Spiritual aspects whilst ignoring (or even actively repelling) their physical body!  Or for people to spend hours in the gym honing beautiful muscles, but be a mental and emotional wreck underneath the sculpted physique.  Whilst any aspect of ourselves is out of balance, or ignored, it upsets the whole…hence the need for integration.

Integration is also about the Community itself.  Members will need to integrate with each other to make living at the Community bearable for all.  Human differences will need to be accepted and integrated into the Community as a whole.

Integration is also about the assimilation of any new experiences, healing, teachings etc that we go through whilst at the Community (and in life in general of course!)…we need time to decide if anything we experience or learn needs to become a part of us or if it isn’t needed.  We then either ignore it or try to integrate it…though often I find that ‘truth’ when we hear it is more of a ‘remembering’ than an experience of new information….though even the ‘remembered’ truth can need integration if we have been living without it for a long time!


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