Music is one of the main aspects to Harmoni Community. We wish it to be a very inspiring and creative place where musicians can come to create amazing pieces of music. We also intend it to be a place where people who have never thought of themselves as musicians or singers can come and find their gifts and voice again. Music will be an aspect of the healing work at Harmoni too in the form of sound-healing, but also in the form of people creating and expressing what they need to.  When people have experienced trauma, especially abuse/rape/neglect etc. they have often been ‘silenced’ by their aggressor/experience; being able to express again, however tentatively at first, via singing, playing an instrument, writing etc. can really help with healing.

We intend to create a Recording Studio that will provide a fair amount of the revenue for the Community’s day to day running costs. Riki has written a bit about that here but more will follow.

We will also have communal music-making spaces and people will be encouraged to join in whilst sat around a fire etc.  Free-form singing and music-making will be encouraged too as when there is no prescribed structure the Soul/Spirit can more easily come forward.  We intend to try and gather a wide array of instruments so that people get the chance to try out different instruments and maybe find one that they wish to work with more.

We will probably also run drum circles etc if there is an interest in that.  It would be nice if this included all kinds of percussion instruments 🙂

We would also like to set up areas on the land where we create instruments that the wind can play!  Of course wind chimes are the most obvious ones but we would also like to set up various pipes that the wind can play and hollow clay pots/ gourds etc.  We will need to research more into this, but we feel like this would be nice.  I (Katy) attended an outside installation where the wind could move about around lots of these kind of instruments and it felt great as though the wind was truly enjoying itself! 🙂  It would be nice to recreate this to some degree.  The sounds that are made are very healing too and would sound nice sampled on some of the recordings as well.


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