Another beautiful one of course.  The nature is so fundamental to what we hope Harmoni will be/become that it seems a bit strange it just being another letter!  Nature is so important in every way.  The healing powers of nature will be invaluable at the Community.  In our own healing journeys Riki and I have found that it is easier and safer for us to process very difficult emotions if we are out in nature.  Nature helps to reset our systems.  Looking at a tall tree, standing in its grace, no worry, no hurry, just a calm assurance that all is well in the world, is very powerful…especially if you are tearing your hair out at the time!  Nature gives us messages and lessons all the time if we can get out of our heads long enough to be present with it.

At Harmoni we intend to ‘be’ with nature and work with her to the best of our abilities and understanding.

The ‘Nature’ aspect also refers to accepting our own nature, our ‘flaws’ as we see them…though I don’t really believe in such things.  Acceptance of ourselves and of others is extremely powerful.  Nature helps with this too.  Accepting something doesn’t mean that we can’t change it, it just means that we aren’t going to be beating on ourselves for being where we are at this moment in time.  Self-beating is another pretty big epidemic on this planet with most of us encouraged to find deep fault in ourselves and each other all the time.  As this diminishes wellness will start to increase and we will all be the happier for it.


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