I like this one! 🙂  Oneness felt important in a few ways in our vision for Harmoni Community.  The main meaning is an acknowledgement that we are all one.  We are all deeply connected, not just humans but the whole of creation.  When I’d had deep Spiritual ‘wake-up’ experiences about 12 years ago I had gone up through layers of ‘bigger’ and ‘bigger’ picture until I came to a place where all was just beautiful pure unconditional love.  TRULY unconditional.  Everything was held in acceptance and love no matter how dark or scary or nasty etc. No judgements.

In acknowledging that we are all deeply connected it makes us understand that any healing one of us does, benefits the whole.  By the same token it also makes us realise that as long as any of us are struggling, or homeless or in poverty or pain in any way it affects us all.  In some tribes they don’t believe that a problem someone is going through is THEIR problem, they believe it is the issue for the whole tribe.  They understand that where there is unbalance it will affect the whole so they all work to remedy the situation and help whoever is in pain or trouble.  A stark contrast to our modern culture in the West where we are encouraged to blame each other and ostracise anyone considered ‘bad’ to shame them. With the understanding of Oneness comes a certain responsibility…to the self and the whole…to heal and to help facilitate the healing of others where possible. Not one of those horrible forced responsibilities though! Not guilt or shame or obligation, as those things do not help…just a feeling of wanting to do the best we can 🙂 This also helps with the experience of Community life as it encourages all to do what they can for all rather than just taking. I stress again though that no one should feel obliged or pressurised to do anything which goes against their personal well-being.

The Oneness is also with nature and all the creatures who share this planet with us.  That is important to us in our vision for Harmoni, as we wish to stay very conscious of our connection to the whole and not abuse or unconsciously take from the land/animals in our space.

Oneness is also important in a healing sense.  When anyone goes through trauma or other difficult life experiences parts of the Soul (or psyche if you prefer) splinter off.  Returning to oneness within ourselves is really the main intention of healing.  Restoring balance.  Restoring equanimity.


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