Rejuvenation can come about through many avenues. At Harmoni Community one of the main avenues will be through the food that members/visitors ingest. We hope that in general the food-ethos at Harmoni will be the consumption of a raw and vegan diet. This is not set in stone however as we feel people need to make their own journey with these things and that it is not good to force ideas onto people. We intend to keep a large area of the land fairly wild whilst encouraging natural wild food sources. Foraging for these wild foods will supplement the food that we grow on the land. We intend to purchase land that already has mature fruit/nut trees if at all possible which will provide a ready source of foods. The food we grow ourselves will be planted in conscious ways designed to respect nature and the plants and also to keep a healthy balance on the land. Intensive farming has long resulted in our standard foods containing only a fraction of the minerals, vitamins and nutrition that the crops contained in years past. We wish to work with the land rather than just relentlessly ‘take’ from it.

We intend to grow following organic and possibly biodynamic principles – we are still doing research into these areas so I will probably revise this at a later date. It is important to us that plants are sown, grown and harvested with love and respect. The energy we put in to the plants will be reflected back to us when we eat them. I intend to do a lot of research into this when time and energy allows me to as I feel instinctively that it is very important. Our modern practices, governed by big business, particularly supermarkets, has led to many plants never even seeing the sun and never putting their roots into soil. Big grow rooms with hydroponic set-ups have created plants that are very far removed energetically from their predecessors. It is important at Harmoni Community that we live up to our name and work in harmony with the nature and the plants we grow.

Other forms of rejuvenation at Harmoni will obviously be the nature it/herself. Mother Earth is extremely loving and healing, especially if approached by us with with love and respect. Just being in an environment that has been worked with with a deep intention of love and respect will prove healing and rejuvenating. Other practices such as walking bare-foot on the Earth at times, breathing in the fresh air, doing any form of exercise or bodywork in that same fresh air and just sitting quietly in nature will all help with feeling rejuvenated.

We intend there to be a very pure source of water available at the Community. This of course partly depends on the land we are able to purchase and the resources already on that land. If we are able to obtain land that has a pure water source already that will be fantastic, be that a spring or a well. Otherwise we will look to ways of filtering water or possibly distilling water if need be. A pure source of water that doesn’t contain the chemicals that are routinely added to standard ‘drinking’ water will be very healing and rejuvenating too.

Next, one of the best ones, fun! We need play and light-heartedness to have a strong place within the Community. Most adults tend to have lost the ability to play. We only feel it is allowed if we are entertaining a child for a while…and even then it is done with an air of self-conscious awkwardness usually! Rediscovering a child-like awe at the world, at it’s beauty, at the amazing animals and creatures and plants that share it with us helps massively to rejuvenate the body, mind, and Soul. ‘Work’ should not feel like work…in fact at some point we will think about a better term to use to get rid of the negative connotations that the word ‘work’ tends to bring up in people. Things need creating in a new and exciting way. A way that comes from the heart and from fun and honesty…again…all things that will feel rejuvenating as we cast off all the rigidity and restrictions that most of our childhood and subsequent adulthood programming has imposed upon us. As old and faulty beliefs (such as that ‘everything worthwhile must be suffered for’ and that we should all head off for ‘the daily grind’ each weekday morning) start to drop away new possibilities and faith in the flow of life start to show themselves.

The healing work we undertake at Harmoni will of course be rejuvenating as well. As we gently face and process past hurts it allows new and rejuvenating energy to flow at last where the energy had been stuck and stagnating.

Writing this I feel very excited about the Rejuvenation bit!! haha

Another important aspect about the ‘Rejuvenation’ is our intention of helping the Earth too. As we heal we will intentionally send that healing to Mother Earth as well. We will do what we can to help heal the land we are living on and surrounding areas and will help out with bigger-picture projects too.


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