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Ways of generating day-to-day running costs

We have been considering a few different avenues for raising the money needed to keep the centre running once it is set up, some of which I have listed below:

Recording Studio

We envisage this being the main source of regular income for the centre/community.  We would have a recording studio where bands or solo artists can come to record a single or an album.  Riki has a lot of experience in this area so initially he could do this himself.  We will also use the recording studio as a platform for people who have ‘lost their voice’ (due to being silenced by abuse/trauma) to find their voice again.

Practice rooms

As part of the recording studio building there would be soundproof practice/rehearsal rooms that bands can hire out for an hourly rate.

Healing/retreat clients

We would offer places for paying clients to come to the community to rest and to heal.  We would also offer therapies such as healing and art therapy etc.  We would encourage therapists to join the community and offer their services to clients and take a small cut of their fee towards the running of the community or for the use of rooms.

Renting out accommodation

We are looking in to the possibility of renting out rooms through sites like airBnB and to get regular revenue.


If there was space on the land we could also run a small campsite to bring in revenue as we would already be needing to build resources such as toilets and shower blocks for use within the community anyway.

Pottery/Art Studio

We would be using the Art and pottery studio for therapy work primarily, but it could also double as a revenue source if we sell pottery/art made there.


We would be able to offer one-day workshops in various subjects, such as trauma healing, or pottery, music, art.  We could also extend this into offering a residential course for a longer period as we would have accommodation available for clients too.

Healing rooms

Alongside the retreat clients, we could also offer one-off healing sessions to the public as well if there was enough space.  We could either hire out rooms for practitioners to use and take a cut or offer healing sessions ourselves.

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