We intend to have a soundproofed recording studio where musicians can come to record singles/albums/demo’s etc.  This will be used as one of the Community’s main sources of income but will also be used for healing.  After extensive research we have decided that the Studio will be centered around a high quality recording device by Prism Sound, or RME  – interfaces well respected within the music recording community.  Which sound very clear, clean and uncolored.

The sound quality feels important to us as the equipment will be used for healing too, as we encourage people to find their voice again after difficult life experiences that silenced them.  Also we wish to encourage those who are already in a deep and aware place in themselves (and are very free with their own music) to come to the community and share/record music to uplift and inspire others. It would not be good for the recordings to be too changed by the equipment, transparency and honesty is the key and if the technology can bring this quality into the studio even better. Its not about show and spending the most money but the love of the music, the price for some equipment is high but when we are talking about peoples’ expression, heart & Soul we want a device that can capture everything clearly.
We will also be using the device (and other more standard devices when quality isn’t as important) for any podcasts/radio/youtube shows we may do to help raise awareness and share some of the music.

The studio will be rather simple to begin with as we build things up.  Riki has already done many recordings himself and has been recording music for around 20 years now (  He mainly had to record on cheaper gear but the move to more high end sound will bring better and clearer results for those who engage in a community that is focused around “sound healing” and music as an integral part of every day life.

We aim to help musicians feel as comfortable as possible, as we believe that this will allow for the most creativity to flow.  Sometimes modern studios can feel a little intimidating and overwhelming, and one can feel pressured to perform when not in the best place within themselves to do so, due to time restrictions on producers, money, industry pressures etc  It’s true that the modern world often works at a fast pace and with a very business-orientated attitude – often it just seems like there is not much time.  We intend to work in a very different way as needed for the musician/person. It seems magic often happens when we let go, enjoy and try not to control the situation.  Stress is not going to be good for any singer’s vocal chords!

We are searching for a second hand Prism Titan or RME UFX II, if anyone has one please get in touch.

I noticed in my own recording that when I was using the laptop as an Interface it was too easy at times to get distracted and pulled off onto other computer tasks, especially if computer issues came up.  This would affect my musical workflow.  We thought about a way to be able to still use the computer if needed (especially if a musician already has a song recorded in Ableton, Pro Tools or Cubase for example) but yet have the option of a computer-less setup.

After a lot of research I found that most stand alone recorders went out of production a few years ago, still this one device stood out:

  Akai Boss Fostex Korg Roland Tascam Yamaha Zoom
1995 DMT8
1996 DMT8VL VS880
1997 VS880 V-expand
1998 DPS12 FD4 D8 VS1680/VS840/VS880EX
1999 FD8 VS840EX/VS1680 V-expand
2000 DPS16 BR-8 VF16 D16 VS1880/VS890 AW4416
2001 D12/D1600 VS2480 SX-1/788 AW2816
2002 DPS24 AW16G
2003 D32XD/D16XD/D1200 VS2400 MRS-802
2004 BR-1600CD VS2000CD 2488
2005 BR-1200 AW1600 MRS-1608
2006 D3200 AW2400
2007 MR16HD 2488 MKII HD-16
2008 2488 neo
2009 R16
2010 BR-800
2012 DP24/DP32


Enter the Yamaha AW2400

We must say how thankful we are to Steve who sold the Yamaha to us for less than half price as he liked the sound of our Community project. That made me so happy with tears in my eyes!  It is rare for people to put heart before money these days.

The Yamaha has 8 Channels of audio, with ADAT expand-ability to 16 Channels.  To our ears the sound quality of the AW2400 is nice, yet a little muffled, and not so transparent and revealing; so with the ADAT capability we will look to using one of Prism Sound or RME devices with this recorder as a pre-amp/converter to bypass the audio in the Yamaha, yet still take advantage of the Yamaha’s fantastic usability.
The Prism Sound can be used with the laptop using a musicians favorite DAW or used with the Yamaha via ADAT for a more organic and hands on experience.  The Yamaha has had its Hard Drive upgraded to an SSD and its fan modified so that we can silence it for the perfect, quiet, studio environment.

I must say that I am very happy with the functionality of the Yamaha; it is so fun and easy to use, and so much more exiting than using the computer in my experience.   This is why it feels right to keep this functionality and workflow while upgrading the sound of the device into the the Prism Sound league –  the best of both worlds! 🙂

The Studio itself will be located in a beautiful natural area so that the surrounding nature helps provide inspiration and energy for the recordings.  We are still looking at studio designs…..more to come!


If you have any advice or ideas please feel free to get in touch and share them here…or comment below.








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