Firstly I want to say that the ‘no drugs’ wish for the community isn’t about judgement.  It has always irked me a little when people judge heroin users whilst they are slurping their 5th cup of coffee of the day, taking their anti-depressants or drinking another pint of lager.  A drug is a drug…and I doubt that anyone gets through their lives without using one to some degree or another.  We believe that people are using all sorts of ways in this life to get away from/numb difficult emotions, so our no drugs stand is definitely not a judgement.  We have both had periods of drug use in the past…and, crazy as it may sound to some, we still deal with semi-addictions to avocados and figs at times!  Anything that is being consumed for comfort rather than need is being used as a drug in some way really.

Our main reason for this stand is that 99% of us use drugs (of one form or another) to escape.  We either want to feel a high and lift out of our current situations, or we want to sedate uncomfortable emotions.  Of course this often isn’t a conscious decision, which makes things more complicated.  If feelings or trauma is very hard then the urge to escape or sedate will be at the subconscious level as a means of survival.  Often it can just be the normal stress of the modern world that makes us turn to drugs (no matter how ‘innocent’) as a means to cope with it and take the edge off.  The difficult thing is that when we are using drugs to cope (whatever the drug, cigarettes, caffeine and other numbing or stimulating foods) it makes it harder for us to feel our emotions and heal them and it makes it hard for us to see where we actually are in life.  It is easy to end up burning out because we haven’t realised how drained we have become or haven’t realised the impact our daily stress levels are having on our well-being because the drug has made us believe we are ok…and it is convincing.  Often it is only when we take all the drugs away that we see where we are truly at.  People often never take ALL the drugging substances or foods away so never do actually realise what they have going on underneath it all.  We are often using drugs or food (or medication or shopping or gambling or sex etc) to distract from or numb away trauma, which is fair enough.  If something still feels too big to deal with we often DO need to numb away from it until we are ready within ourselves to heal that from which we are running.  Again, no judgement.  I have run from deep trauma for most of my life, and still do to a degree, but we are wishing Harmoni to be the place where the healing of trauma is a true possibility, so having active addictions to numb the trauma out is a little counter-productive.  Again all this is matters of degree.  Taking the edge off a wave of very strong emotion with a chunk of comforting cake is a bit different to drinking/smoking morning til night to totally get away from life.  Again no judgement if someone is needing to do that, though it is showing that they really need some help, compassion and support.  When I was going through a particularly difficult time of my life I was having to use 4 different substances to get through the stress of working in the city and coping with repressed trauma.  Cigarettes weren’t enough, I needed alcohol, strong coffee and LOTS of food too!  We feel that (at the right time for the individual) the important thing is to be able to stop, cleanse the system of the numbing substances and allowing the feelings that need processing to surface.  We intend for Harmoni to be a safe and gentle space where that can occur.

In a similar way, if people are using their time at Harmoni to heal and are feeling vulnerable then it isn’t helpful to have people around who are drinking or on drugs as they tend to be quite loud and their sensitivity to the needs of others isn’t really functioning too well. If people are up drinking most of the night then it stops others getting the deep rest that they need when undergoing healing and cleansing times.  It is important that Harmoni be a safe and nurturing place, especially around the healing areas.

Another main reason why we would prefer there to be no drug use at Harmoni is because it brings in other ‘unhelpful’ energies.  We genuinely believe that where there are addictions there is usually attached energies/spirits/parasites that are feeding off the addiction (and mood-shifts) too.  This is nothing earth-shattering as most people are carrying ‘other’ energies whether they have active addictions or not, but those beings or energies attached to drug-users tend to have a lot invested in getting their drug of choice.  If someone is actively addicted to any substance (even coffee!) the need for that substance usually takes a precedence over everything else in general life so it knocks our awareness out.  Depending on the drug-of-choice the drug itself can carry very strong energies with it.  Most people at some point in their lives have behaved in a way they felt was out of character whilst drinking or taking a drug, or even just when very stressed or overwhelmed.  These times can often be because the over-shadowing of another energy got stronger in those moments and we were temporarily off-line in our own awareness due to the effects of the drug.

Drug-use is also not helpful at the community as it leads to mood-swings and people not being as in personal control of themselves, their energy system and their emotions.  We of course are not about suppressing emotions at Harmoni, quite the opposite, but we know that if someone is wishing to heal then they need to be conscious and aware whilst feeling things, not drugged as we are not in our personal power when drugged.  A community isn’t the easiest of places for people to live in general as it means people coming together with all their personal still-to-heal experiences, so when drugs are also brought into the equation it makes it harder to compassionately hold space for each other as difficult patterns/experiences come to the surface.  This has caused the end of many communities.

There is a lot of debate in the media and online about the therapeutic uses of cannabis.  Whilst we agree that there are a lot of therapeutic uses for cannabis oil, we also feel that cannabis smoking is far from the harmless pastime that it is often believed to be.  Smoking the odd spliff of some home-grown and well cared for plant that has had its roots in the soil is probably not too harmful but most of the cannabis people are smoking these days has never even had contact with soil and has been grown in chemical mixtures and has been either genetically modified or particular strong strains have been bred which is not helpful.  When we mess about too much with nature the results are not usually of benefit to our systems as it is obviously unnatural.

It isn’t only illegal drugs of course.  We would also like people to contact us first if they are on pharmaceutical drugs as some of the strong painkillers or psychiatric drugs etc have similar issues to the illegal drugs.  If people have strong addictions even to caffeine or sweets/sugar etc it might be best to contact us first too as Harmoni might not be the easiest place to visit as caffeine and normal sugar will not likely be available…so withdrawal from even these seemingly harmless substances might be quite a shock to the system!

Whilst in general we do wish Harmoni to be a ‘no drugs’ zone we are open to people who wish to stay getting in touch with us about this to discuss their own situation and needs.  We basically need it to be known that Harmoni is more about healing and bringing through as much of our Soul awareness onto the planet at this time as we are able too, rather than just partying and taking substances.  Of course we do wish there to be SOME partying….but ideally the highs should be from nature and true feeling rather than chemically-induced.  Again….no judgements if your thing is chemical-induced highs! 🙂 It is just important to us to keep the energy at Harmoni as clear, and pure, as we are able to.

With respect to all, and all paths.


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