OK…I will endeavor to get the main info down here in as concise and quick a way as I can whilst you grab 5 mins in your break or something! 😉


A community set up in nature providing healing, music, art, recording studio, pottery studio and healthy natural foods…and respite from the crazy busy busy world! 😉  We intend to use revenue from the recording studio/pottery studio/courses and products we sell to provide the money for the day to day running costs of the Community so that those needing to come for healing or time out are not turned away due to lack of funds.


The world is nuts and full of busyness, many people end up leaving their truth and aspects of their Soul behind – leading to illness of one sort or another and stress.  A place to get relief from the normal day to day spin to take time for the deeper aspects of our being is very much needed…even if we are in too much of a spin to realise it most of the time?


As soon as we can raise enough money to get started.


We intend to do a Crowd-funding plea once the website is fully functioning.  We will do other fundraising activities too.  We also hope that a Criminal Injuries claim that Katy has in process may come through so we can add that to the money.


Good question, I’ll get back to you! 😉  We are still looking at possibilities.  Land in the UK is likely to be too expensive so we are looking at other European countries.  It is a work in progress and depends on how much money we are able to raise to buy the land.  There are many factors we are considering – too many for me to write down here when you are in a rush.


You can either delve further in and read some of the more in depth information on the site…though be warned I do waffle a bit! – The menu across the top has the main information about our values and vision etc.  If you are busy and have no time for that, feel free to just donate below! 😉

 Many thanks for your time 🙂  Hope you enjoy the rest of your break. Take care 🙂


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