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Harmoni Community

– To work consciously and lovingly WITH nature.  It is very important to us to be in partnership (Harmoni!) with the land and plants and not abusive or destructive.

– To encourage a very healthy and whole way of living and being, focusing mainly on natural raw foods and inspiring activities that generate joy and spiritual awareness/wholeness.

– To mutually support each other in reaching our truest and highest potentials. Personal authenticity and commitment ones highest soul-purpose is supported and understood as being of greater importance than rigidity in duties, or roles, within the community.  No one should feel forced or obliged to do anything that goes against his or her own truth or well-being in any way.

– To encourage a good relationship with the local community in the country we set up in.  Wherever we can, we would support the local economy by using local materials and labour.  We will also get actively involved in community/welfare issues within the area.

– To create with others in as honest and heart-centred a way as possible.  Mutual respect and consideration for each other’s personal path, soul growth and expression is of vital importance.

– To develop an environment wherein everyone will be encouraged to help in whatever way they feel able to; but the need for personal space, time, rest and healing is consciously respected.

– We will have a no drug use policy in general, which will include smoking and alcohol.  We realise this may not be a very popular move but it feels important to us to create a space that is very energetically clear and supportive.  Drug use in any form tends to alter that as it clouds the mind and brings unhelpful energy in. We will encourage people to contact us if this policy is difficult for them and may make exceptions if it feels right to do so…if for example someone is on an intentional healing journey and is the process of trying to quit a substance etc.  If we allow any smoking, it would be in a designated area away from the main communal areas.  To read more about our feelings on this click here.

……to be continued!

This is a work-in-progress still, if you have any comments/ideas about this please contact us 🙂


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