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Harmoni Community

We envisage a beautiful and (fairly) remote natural sanctuary with lush vegetation and natural wild foods, where we can work alongside the land to create a healing and inspiring space.  We see two main purposes for the sanctuary though they are not mutually exclusive!

A large area will be kept for natural wild foods and to growing our own food following organic and possibly biodynamic principals.  We have had a lot of personal experience experimenting with diet and strongly believe that the food choices one makes has a big impact on health, well-being, energy and awareness levels.  As such, offering a very wholesome, nourishing and natural diet (wild and raw where possible), plus the option to fast, will be a part of the Community’s remit.

We will create a nurturing and healing space for people to regenerate and gain deeper levels of well-being – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  We see this mainly being for people who have experienced some kind of trauma or difficult life experience, though it will also be open to people just needing ‘time-out’ from daily life and routines.

We also wish to create a beautiful and inspiring space where musicians and artists can come to tap into higher levels of themselves and their art form. There will be a recording studio where musicians/bands can record their best album ever, and there will be an art and ceramics studio for artists to work.

As we said these things are not separate, the music and art facilities will also be extremely helpful as means of expression for those following a more healing path at this time in their lives.  The recording/music studio will also be used to help those who have been silenced (by rape, abuse or any other traumatic life event) to break that silence and find their voice again.

As time moves on we hope to create both artistically inspiring circle spaces and healing circles where everyone pools energy with love and highest intentions for the creation of music/art or healing for all involved and/or for the Planet.  We envisage the natural environment and the love we put into it encouraging and aiding that process.  We also see the Community members helping each other to stay present, conscious and aware to the best of their ability; understanding that the general control and dumbing-down agendas on the planet can make this very difficult!

We also see the Community providing an educational role in some way.  Local schoolchildren could visit and use the facilities.  We could also run workshops in trauma healing and in music/art.



Again, this is a work-in-progress, if you have any ideas/suggestions please get in touch:


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