This isn’t the easiest post to write as peoples’ awareness of this subject varies vastly.  Some are aware that the media is biased.  Others are aware that the media is totally controlled and used to control the planet’s population.  Some are blissfully unaware of all of it whilst they habitually turn on their favourite soap opera each week.  In a similar way some are aware that our food sources and farming methods leave a lot to be desired.  Others believe that our food sources have been deliberately tampered with to keep our Spiritual and intellectual awareness levels dumbed-down.  Again, others are blissfully unaware of all that too as they happily wander into their local McDonald’s or Costa etc.  Some people believe that all we feel, think and experience is our own personal psychology, others believe that we are like transmitters and receivers of energy and thoughts and that a lot of what we feel and think is NOT coming from our personal psychology; and, again, others still are just getting on with their own lives as best they can and don’t consider the subject.

Whatever peoples’ personal takes on these things we believe there can only be benefit to be gained from clearing our systems of unhelpful programming (from the media, parents, education system, other covert sources etc.) and stepping more fully into our personal power and sovereignty.  Whether a person believes that all is ‘hunky dory’ in the world and that our governments and media giants have our highest good at heart; or whether they believe that a lot of ‘The Matrix’ film is pretty metaphorically spot on and that our governments and media giants are all run from the same (very dodgy) source who definitely do NOT have our best interests at heart…or, of course, any of the shades in between, we believe that our common humanity needs to be at the forefront of all we do at Harmoni.  We understand that people come to their own awareness and insights in their own time and nothing can beat personal experience, understanding and awareness!  It isn’t our place to convince or preach to anyone about anything.  We do however feel it is important for people visiting or living at Harmoni Community to be willing to live as clearly and honestly as they are able to…hence our no drugs/alcohol stance.  (More is written about that here)

Our own experiences over the last 10 years have led us to understand that there is a LOT going on on this planet.  Much more than we are commonly aware of.  Our personal journey’s have led us to realise that there can be a lot of ‘other’ energy riding on us all.  Again, whether you just take that as being the physical parasites that live in all of us, or whether you understand about spirit attachments and entity interference, it ultimately doesn’t matter if you are committed to being the clearest and most empowered version of yourself.  No one consciously chooses to be weak, or used or to be a victim throughout their Earth-life.  Clearing unhelpful programming of any kind, whether through trauma, the media, schooling systems, or even just a parent’s view that you only have value if you are at the top of your chosen field; can help us all to live happier, stronger and more fulfilling lives.

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