The letters in the name ‘Harmoni’ stand for:

H – Healing
A – Arts
R – Rejuvenation
M – Music
O – Oneness
N – Nature
I – Integration

We wanted a name for the community which would tell people a little about what we stand for and what we hope to achieve with the Community. We liked the idea of each letter of the name standing for an aspect of what the Community would be about.  Hence ‘HARMONI’ came about.  We wanted a name for the Community that expressed both our feelings about the necessity of living in balance and co-operation (harmony) with nature and each other, and gave a nod towards the musical aspect of the Community, as music will play a large role. Our current systems on this planet are very far from harmonious. Our wish is to bring some gentleness and harmony back to our every day lives.

I could make up a really clever reason as to why it is ‘Harmoni’ rather than ‘Harmony’ but I won’t…I’ll be honest…we couldn’t find an interesting word to use as the meaning for the ‘y’… and ‘Harmony’ is written all over the net, ‘Harmoni’ isn’t so it is easier to find! I know, not the most profound of reasons 😉

I will write in more detail about each and post the links here:


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